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Thirty Seconds Oil Painting Program + Set

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Thirty Seconds Oil Painting Program + Dedicated Camera / Set

1. Identical to the contents of the above-mentioned
NPR is a CG technology (unrealistic private land ring technique) is a cyber painter by "ROB", the instant you want me to draw oil painting in 30 seconds all images (photos) to the point drawing style of painting unique "Van Gogh" provides automatic oil conversion program, it is RobArt solution program the world's first everyone to be able to collection canvas and oil painting digital portrait, a masterpiece.

2. Exclusive camera : as impromptu shooting camera in accordance with the program of oil for 30 seconds, and the limited space, High-definition digital camera painting only designed to be applicable in the studio general, which was developed

1) Oil Painting Program CD/ *USB Lock key
2) Exclusive Camera Set

1. Oil painting program CD and USB type Lock Key
2. Dedicated camera set: High-definition digital camera for oil painting purpose and accessories

1. A program that converts an image or photo taken by a camera to a ‘Gogh style’ oil painting
2. Dedicated camera set: An image creation and transmission equipment that can take a photo on the spot and transmit the image to the Oil Painting System for further oil painting conversion process

1. The first program developed in a kind. Especially, it offers a function to demonstrate the painting process in thirty seconds to one minute as a performance.
2. Dedicated camera set: Equipped with a zoom (5~50mm) lens, this camera can take pictures from one to ten meters away from the target object and output high definition digital images..

1. Oil painting program: Same as above Item (Thirty Seconds Oil Painting Program)
2. Dedicated camera set
3. Program type and settings
 1) Zoom function (5~50mm)
  2) Exposure, focus: Easy handling and color compensation functions
  3) Power supply: Camera power (DC12V / 2,000mA)
  4) Repeater cable: 5M USB type
  5) USB cable for camera connection
  6) Four-tiered tripod for camera
  7) Dedicated camera software

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Thirty Seconds Oil Painting Program _ Set

Thirty Seconds Oil Painting Program _ Set